At a time when history seems to stammer in conflicts and cataclysms of another age,
the paintings draw up a report of this chaos. In a coloured spectrum
an original history is mixed with an ideal landscape. "... I dream of pastures after the
bomb, pastures exposed to atomic radiation, sick, mutant creatures which hesitate
between gods and humans; between beliefs and realities."
it is promised
"I believe  things turned out badly. There is a story, or myth of origin which does
 not go. Perhaps   the tree is badly placed, or the man is too small, or objects too large.
The sky is also not in it’s place, or this was quite simply not a good time.

Thus these paintings are hypotheses of paintings. To seek the error. In any case,
I am convinced that there is something which crashes, without it all would go better.
It was not a nap, it was a death and it was not the early morning, it was the twilight.
I should have understood it, but to understand it, it should be painted – So I did it.
There is thus, in the story of the beginning, an odor of end. Besides that, the idea
is to have lost oneself as one watched to contemplate. One would have done
better to have layed things out better.. If I find what does not go, all will be better,
it is promised."

Watercolours are always too beautiful, easy, uninteresting. I like to be interested
in the uninteresting things, to confront myself with failure. I am fascinated by the
posture of an artist who allows himself to destroy images. Each series is an answer
to the questions which corrode me, I need to ask myself new questions to continue
to understand. If I don’t destroy, I am not in truth. 

-Jerome Boutterin, New York, 2007