Larry Silver
New Paintings

June 22—July 30

                                                                                                            Diagrammatic Cloud, 2005 oil and graphite on clayboard 20"x64"                                    

“..Shadowy indistinct,
Indistinct and shadowy
Yet within it is an image
Shadowy and indistinct,
Yet within it is a substance.
Dim and dark,
Yet within it is an essence..”            
—XXI Tao Te Ching, Lao Tzu

Notes on a studio visit

Light coming through dense trees
A clearing in the woods

Layers of sky
Nature reduced to base elements
Three panels: Yellow, greenish black, pinkish scumbled white,

titled: “Third Entrance”

the ghost of Blinky Palermo pacing downstairs

Poured paint, invisible poles, portals, entry into emptiness

Early Renaissance triptychs, three panels in dialog,

sent to the center by the sides, to “the dark secret heart"

giotto; the brightest red has an underlying darkness which secures it to the panel,

seeking the less significant touch, the more impersonal mark,
Restraint as important as expression, stepping away, holding back, reigning in, taking it down to the light of the clay ground.

Heavenly space at the center, ethereal sky blue exhaling

vastness contained

crumbling Venetian red walls,  decaying Roman stucco, taste of pitted  black iron, deeper Holbein blue, watery glazes of moss and lichen green

the moment right before action

Rose Burlingham, 2006