"Sea Forms on Blue" 2008,  22"x30", work on paper

"Caterpillar"  2008, 22"x30", work on paper, Lindsey Brown

"Horseshoe Crab" 2009, work on paper, 30"x40"

"Orange Flower" 2009, work on paper with collage and sewing, 30"x22"

"SpiderCrab on Pink", 26"x33", work on paper with collage, 2009

"Too Many People were her Friends", 28"x30", work on paper with collage, 2009

"Dreaming In Blue 2006, charcoal, poured paint, silver leaf, collage on paper, 22"x30".

"Blue Paper Bird" 2006, 22X30", enhanced monprint with collage and drawing,

Lindsey Brown: New Work invite

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