Rose Burlingham Living Room Gallery Presents:


APRIL 25th - MAY 16th

Reception: Saturday April 25th, 3-6 pm

Yaddo in January,  mixed media, 59"x61"

Lindsey Brown’s new work on paper began on Martha’s Vineyard with an embossed monoprint process, flowers and leaves run through a press. Overlaid fragments are repeated and re-represented; drawn, traced, sewn or beaded. An array of specimens particular to place finds it’s way into and onto the surface; skate egg cases, shells, ferns, flowers, twigs, leaves, bits of drift wood. Incorporated are drawings of hermit crabs, rabbits, caterpillars, butterfly cocoons, ships, and crab claws. What results has less to do with accumulation than with documentation; assembling diaristic artifacts from a journey, mapping, tracking and archiving. In her own words; she layers imagery with text, poured paint gold leaf and collaged elements to create map-like dreamscapes.

 A single large canvas Yaddo in January reads as both a scrapbook of remembered dreams; Memento mori and an aerial view of a familiar place, whose remains are imbedded in pools of resin- a map of uncharted territory, unknown lands. Terra incognita.

The first impression is of randomness- teetering at the edge of chaos- in the way one approaches a vast expanse of landscape and chooses a segment to focus on. Structure emerges slowly- between myriad and seemingly haphazard forms, interchangeable correspondences in the teeming profusion of nature.

Layers of veiled color, float in skies or underwater. The collective slough of dreams is imbedded with an organic accumulation of stuff.   The links are intuitive - this belongs here, this spot needs another element- a bird -a cloud- a word. A map or a branch, copper and muslin, a tree obscured by a blue white wash, a butterfly behind a scrim of gauze. Whatever needs to be added is included, as all-inclusive as nature. Magnifying the small observation- the microcosm of a single pressed blossom to the cosmological – a vast green hemisphere.

Lindsey Brown most recently exhibited at the Danforth Museum in Framingham, Massachusetts and is featured in the upcoming exhibit Approx L, curated by Bethany Ides at Worksound in Portland, Oregon.

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