Tuesday June 16th

     Untitled, 2009, mixed media on panel, 14"x 16"

Rose Burlingham Living Room Gallery is pleased to present New Work by Mirjana Ciric; paintings, ceramics and works on paper inspired by the visual richness and geometry of Islamic architecture and tile patterns. She uses paint, collaged paper, fabric, line drawing and crayon in her stringently intelligent investigations. In her studio an off center mix of repeated motifs is used in surprising ways to generate a series of loosely related, un-precious compositions.

Ciric’s writes of the influence of travel to Spain and Morocco; the mystery and beauty of Alhambra with its square courtyards, gardens, geometry and the hidden poetry in these organized lines, describes as stark, elegant with sundrenched walls…visually rich, the soft grid of Marrakech rooftops. The works become repositories for processing images, sensations and information.

In related clay pieces she approaches the same concerns from another direction, seeking to preserve the integrity of the object through the entire process...as containers with no particular purpose, simple and straightforward objects, where the surface is finished to fit the form, and each object arises as an event in its world.


Mirjana Ciric was born in Sarajevo and studied art in Copenhagen, Denmark and in Boston, at the Museum School. She lived and worked in France and Switzerland before settling down in New York City, in 1994. Her work is exhibited in Europe, Boston, in the flat files at Pierogi Gallery and in various group shows in New York.